Professor A. Karagiannis, President of QUONDAM Group, announces the foundation of QUONDAM Aristotle Medical at the 11th Scientific Conference of A.U.Th School of Medicine.

Dear collegues,

It is with pleasure to announce the foundation of QUONDAM Group, a community of former professors, alumni, and employees of the Aristotle University School of Medicine. QUONDAM breaks down into the following sub-groups; the Quondam Group Professors, the Quondam Group Alumni, and the Quondam Group Employees. Our goals are;

  1. To register all former professors, alumni, and employees uniformly and maintain a contact database.
  2. To promote the social contribution, research, and educational achievements of our graduates, both at the national and international level.
  3. To keep our alums, former professors, and former employees up to date for our School's news.
  4. To encourage our members' active participation in the Schools' events.
  5. Το submit proposals about the improvement of the School, as well as the current initiative to create QUONDAM.
  6. To establish communication with members whose contact information is missing.

The foundation of the QUONDAM Group and active participation will largely contribute to the renewal and strengthening of the relationship between its members. Also, it will significantly promote the work of our School to an international level.